RustyTone handmade pastels are a little different to your regular pastel. "How?" I hear you ask. The difference has something to do with the feel, it has something to do with the colour range, it has something to do with the fact that each stick is lovingly crafted by a fellow pastellist. Every part of the process is done by hand here. The mixing of the pigments, the kneading of the material, the rolling of the sticks... the result is something unusual and unique, a blend of silky smooth application of colour while having a firmness and response in a stick that is slightly smaller and more manageable for the artist.

I designed my pastels specifically for the sanded surface. After becoming frustrated with how quickly some pastels were eaten by the tooth of the paper I set out to develop a stronger pastel, something that could stand up to the punishment I give them in my working process. This resulted in a small series of colours which became a signature of my own works. Over time I began to experiment with the colour mixes, finding many colours not seen in the mainstream ranges and set out to create a kit that would compliment the artist's existing pastel kit while being completely different from it.

All pigments used to produce my pastels carry ASTM ratings of 7-8 so you can trust them to keep the integrity of your works for many years to come.

Here on the site you will find all the current colours in my ranges along with ordering information. I do use paypal for all international orders. For Australian orders I can also offer bank deposit or cheque. To get you your region's site please click the link below.


I sincerely hope that you enjoy using my pastels as much as I enjoy making them for you... from my hand to yours,

Leigh Rust

Leigh Rust Art Studio




Leigh Rust

I figured it was about time I showcased some of my artwork on here! I'm in the process of rebuilding my webiste at the moment but below you can see a recent demonstration I did as a featured artist at the Pastel Society Of Victoria's annual Art in Action day



Things have been very busy in my studio as I've been working on new artworks and pastel colours. Watch this space for the release of some new turquoise based blues and greens that you'll just have to have in your kit!

Paypal links have been added to the colours and sets to make it even easier to order your RustyTones. We've also got a new set: The Pamela Pretty Selection!

I'm also proud to say that my RustySplash range of watercolours is now available as well. Using the same lighfast pigments, a heavy pigment load and my personal touch, these watercolours are made with traditional methods for today's artists! They are also perfect for use in underpainting for pastel work and also for colouring on scratchboards! Click the image below to go to the RustySplash page!

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