Welcome to the wonderful world of RustySplash Handmade Watercolours!

These are the latest addition to my range, keeping with the tradition I have created with my RustyTone pastel range.

As with the pastels these watercolours use only the most lightfast organic and synthetic pigments to ensure your artwork will last a lifetime.

They are mixed by hand in my studio and have a heavy pigment load so a little goes a long way. There are no optical brighteners or fillers in my paints; just pigment, gum arabic and honey. This is paint made with tradtional methods for today's artist!

Each colour comes in a handy 10ml jar so there is no struggling to squeeze the last drop of colour out of a tube.

The opening range consists of 30 colours and will be expanded gradually over time. In addition to traditional watercolour work these colours are also fantastic when used to underpaint for pastel work and can be effectively used to colour scratchboard artworks.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy working with my range as much as I do making them for you!

From my hand to yours,

Leigh Rust

Leigh Rust Art Studio

Click on each colour to purchase via paypal. Australian residents may contact me directly via email to pay via direct deposit.