At present there are three main sets of pastels in my range. These sets are only available for purchase online.

Important note: All sets will ship with their own Pastel Palette!

Pastel palettes can be ordered seperately. Please check out the Extras page to place your order

Please note: Shipping for sets is in the paypal link. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!



Core 30 Set

This range of 30 colours is where my range started. These are the workers in my palette. A nice mix of the useful with the unusual, the versatility of this set will surprise you.




Extra 30 Set

This set of 30 helps to round out my basic palette. Offering a nice range of lights, brights and darks that are just a little bit different to the conventional mixes.

(These colours are available with the Core 30 in the Combined 60 set below)



Combined 60 Set

Now you can have everything from my first 2 kits on the same palette (Not shown). This set is very flexible and has become my go to set time and time again.



The Pamela Pretty Selection

This set of 36 colours has been selected by my featured artist Pamela Pretty and showcases her must have colours from my range.





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